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Friday, February 27, 2009


Locally-based osteopathic and homeopathic physician, Laurens Maas, will be at Pages bookstore next Wednesday, March 4, to introduce his book, The Hidden Cure: The Five Laws of Perfect Health.

Maas will be signing copies of his book at the Vista branch of Pages bookstore, Worthing, Christ Church, where customers will get the chance to meet the physician and ask questions.

Event planner with Cave Shepherd, Kim Tatem, explained that Maas' book is a guide on how to gain total control of one's health: "Some of the topics which the book looks at include reducing sugar and carbohydrates, eating proteins according to your blood type, eating fats according to your metabolism and eating vegetables that influence your body's biochemical speed. It also comes with a seven-day eating plan and helpful recipes."

She added: "The impressive thing about The Hidden Cure, is that it gives an easy-to-follow plan on how to reduce the fungal and toxic load in one's diet to reboot the nervous system as a means to holistic recovery.

Tatem said Maas is a very well respected physician both here and abroad and will be at the Worthing branch from 5 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. for the book signing.

"Pages carries a wide range of book on every topic imaginable and it gives us great pleasure to host Maas with his work on health and healthy eating. Today a lot of our customers are concerned about how to eat right and about organic lifestyles and Maas' book tackles these issues," she remarked.

In his practice, Maas has treated musculoskeletal and degenerative diseases through nutrition, supplements and education and advocates clean organic living.

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